02 Feb

Engineering Services


Zealogics creates electro-mechanical systems to deliver optimal real-world solutions. We aim to elevate functionality, increase manufacturability, and accelerate speed-to-market of all projects. From mechanical engineering CAD design to production implementation – Zealogics provides turnkey program development from medical devices to industrial systems.

Core Values

We’re reshaping how businesses outsource engineering.
We value what makes the most sense for your goals:

Our Skillset

Custom Engineered Solutions for any point of your development life cycle
From CAD design to production assistance and implementation –  we bring a multifaceted toolbox to design innovations and solutions.

We use finite element analysis and other simulation tools to work with our customers and provide accurate, cost effective solutions to a broad range of engineering problems. 
We provide our engineering consultancy services on an “as and when required” basis, maintaining expensive finite element analysis and other software tools. We have the experience to use these tools efficiently and accurately. 
We support design teams who have an occasional need for finite element analysis (FEA) work, or those that need additional capacity. 
We also offer a comprehensive service for magnetic and electro-mechanical design, where we can develop ideas, optimize for performance and cost, and provide detailed 2d and 3d CAD data. 

Skills Overview: 
• Integrated with current engineering effort to manage the completion of the project
• Using 3D scan data and architectural drawings to create 3D models
• Parametric design in Solid works to create function driven parts and assemblies using design tables
• Created BOM and manufacturing package for wide variety of vendors including installation requirements
• Material and stock optimization for 2D cut patterns to make informed purchasing decisions

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24 Feb

Life Sciences Staffing, & Business Intelligence Consulting

Life Sciences Staffing

  • Whether you are looking to top-grade your staff, build a new team, or find a critical replacement, the Healthcare & Life Sciences Division At Zealogics has a tenured team in place with the right credentials to assist you with your recruiting and executive search immediately.
  • Since we focus on life sciences, we also recognize the complexities associated with staffing a highly regulated industry. Our staffing process emphasizes the quality of your workforce and delivers top talent to drive your business. From contract staffing to direct placement we tailor our service to meet your unique needs.
  • We provide scientific staffing through an extensive network of candidates that support the research and development, testing, quality and manufacturing including the following areas

Below are samples of the skill sets of consultants we have placed with our Life Science clients.

  • Clinical Research and Development
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics and Programming
  • Application Development
  • Validation
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • System / Application Maintenance

Business Intelligence for Life Science

Our Life Sciences BI solution provides operational analysis and optimization services based on unique Life Sciences Business Intelligence and analytical solutions, bridging gaps between operational silos and improving overall corporate performance in a highly regulated industry.

Zealogics combines 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences business intelligence and analytics market with a deep understanding of operational processes in all business domains. Solutions and services include:

  • Research, design and development analytics
  • Bioinformatics and clinical analytics
  • Purchasing intelligence
  • Manufacturing intelligence
  • Sales performance analytics
  • HR analytics
  • IT analytics
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24 Feb


Improve Your Prospects with Exceptional IT & Engineering Talent

Quality talent is essential to ensuring your projects are successful. Through Staffing Quality Process we consistently deliver quality technical professionals that meet your technical skill requirements.

We have provided resourcing of highly skilled, sophisticated and innovative professionals to some of the largest enterprises in the country.


Contracting solution to fill an urgent and immediate need. We offer complete spectrum of flexible solutions for IT needs, including short term, long term contract based resources.

Direct Placement

Direct placement to assist clients in addressing hard-to-fill positions. We provide direct placements for all levels of experience including entry level, experienced, management and executive.

Offsite Resources

We also provide offsite resources based on the client need. This includes onshore and offshore resources.

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24 Feb

Sharepoint/Office 365 Consulting

SharePoint Online Design and Development

A brand is more than a logo. SharePoint is more than storage.

Give life to your SharePoint site with a compelling design and customized processes designed for your business.

Build loyalty. Recognizing and understanding your brand elements promotes your marketing strategy internally.

Automate business processes. Give your employees more time to focus on tasks that impact the bottom line.

Collaborate and innovate. Advanced social computing tools connect the right people and the right information. Knowledge gets where it needs go.

Gain business insights and act. People across your organization can quickly monitor and analyze up-to-date information, which can give your business a competitive edge.

Reduce risk. Content management protects your information.

Office 365 Migration Services

What happens when the right people and the right information come together?

With Microsoft SharePoint Online as your business collaboration platform, you can empower your people to work together more effectively—and more intelligently. Your employees can use an extensive array of tools to help them share information, organizational knowledge, and personal expertise. And your organization can manage security levels and usage policies.

• Collaborate and innovate. Advanced social computing tools connect the right people and the right information. Knowledge gets where it needs go.
• Gain business insights and act. People across your organization can quickly monitor and analyze up-to-date information, which can give your business a competitive edge.
• Reduce risk. Content management protects your information.

Cloud Consulting Services:
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Through our experiences working with customers, partners, and our own employees internally we have developed an approach that utilizes best practices, existing modules and Zealogics products.

• Cloud Assessment
• Proof of Concept
• Onboarding
• Migration
• SharePoint Site Design and Development
• SharePoint Training
• Exchange Online
• Lync
• Windows Azure
• SQL Azure

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24 Feb

Cyber Forensics

Zealogics enables clients to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, systems, and networks through innovative solutions and technologies. Our industry experts architect, implement, and manage cutting-edge, enterprise-wide information security programs. We don’t just meet the industry standards–we surpass them. Our cyber security consultants are leaders capable of performing the various facets of information security.

Cyber Forensics service Overview


Implement Forensic Best Practices and Lab Implementation

  • Based on our extensive forensic experience, we can help you develop and improve your forensics best practices, establish standard operating procedures, and design and set up your forensic laboratory. After reviewing your current processes and technology against the leading practices, our team will assist you to establish procedures for evidence handling, examination protocols, reporting protocols, and other key practices. We employ the latest technology and the highest standards to provide quality assurance and control.


Incident Response & Forensics Services

  • Enable organizations to respond to critical security incidents quickly, contain the threat, limit the damage, and conduct remediation activities. Some of the key strengths include:
    • Evidence collection and preservation including forensic media imaging
    • On-site breach containment and network remediation
    • Live network forensics
    • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
    • File and e-mail analysis
    • Mobile device forensics


Data Collection & Preservation

  • Our expert consultants help identify, preserve, and collect electronically stored information (ESI) using standard tools and techniques. Data is gathered from desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and tablet devices without disrupting operations.


Data Analysis and Reporting

  • We employ leading edge techniques to analyze the data and related metadata. Our trained forensic experts then provide a full range of reports to help you fully assess the relevant data.


Security Assessment and Capacity Building

  • We assist organizations establish a state of readiness, improve their overall security posture, reduce the likelihood of a compromise, and prepare themselves to respond effectively to any cyber security incidents that may occur.
    • Security architecture and engineering
    • Security policy development
    • Security strategy workshops
    • Threat identification and vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration testing and network hardening
    • Compliance assessment and verification
    • Incident response planning and training


Email and Social Media Forensics

  • Tracking email and/or authenticating that messages are not tampered with or forged, recovering deleted messages from servers , laptops, desktops, etc.
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24 Feb

Loan IQ

Loan IQ

Zealogics LLC provides end to end solutions on implementations related to the best in class commercial lending product of Misys, Loan IQ. .  Backed by more than 15 years of industry leading experience, Loan IQ today processes more than 1/3 of the world’s syndicated loans and more than ½ of the world’s loan trades. It enables institutions to effectively manage their company-wide lending business from a single platform. We  provide the highest quality service, commitment and excellence to Fortune 500, middle market and emerging financial institutions on Loan IQ. In order to succeed in today’s competitive environment, organizations must be efficient and effective in employing the best practices in both business and technology. We provide organizations with help in establishing/reshaping business practices, streamlining operational processes and utilizing the best technical tools which are critical in reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Zealogics LLC can help your organization meet these objectives by providing highly specialized skills and knowledge to specific areas of a project or by taking complete ownership for the development and implementation of a business solution. Our professionals and partners have over 20 years of experience implementing Loan IQ on 4 different implementations at various clients. During these years they have acquired the knowledge to lead, maintain and support projects side by side with the client. Ranging from installing Loan IQ on dedicated servers, gathering business requirements or supporting demanding users. We only hire professionals who rank highest among their peers and have a proven history of practical work experience with a focus towards developing effective and innovative solutions.

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