24 Feb

Cyber Forensics

Zealogics enables clients to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, systems, and networks through innovative solutions and technologies. Our industry experts architect, implement, and manage cutting-edge, enterprise-wide information security programs. We don’t just meet the industry standards–we surpass them. Our cyber security consultants are leaders capable of performing the various facets of information security.

Cyber Forensics service Overview


Implement Forensic Best Practices and Lab Implementation

  • Based on our extensive forensic experience, we can help you develop and improve your forensics best practices, establish standard operating procedures, and design and set up your forensic laboratory. After reviewing your current processes and technology against the leading practices, our team will assist you to establish procedures for evidence handling, examination protocols, reporting protocols, and other key practices. We employ the latest technology and the highest standards to provide quality assurance and control.


Incident Response & Forensics Services

  • Enable organizations to respond to critical security incidents quickly, contain the threat, limit the damage, and conduct remediation activities. Some of the key strengths include:
    • Evidence collection and preservation including forensic media imaging
    • On-site breach containment and network remediation
    • Live network forensics
    • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
    • File and e-mail analysis
    • Mobile device forensics


Data Collection & Preservation

  • Our expert consultants help identify, preserve, and collect electronically stored information (ESI) using standard tools and techniques. Data is gathered from desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and tablet devices without disrupting operations.


Data Analysis and Reporting

  • We employ leading edge techniques to analyze the data and related metadata. Our trained forensic experts then provide a full range of reports to help you fully assess the relevant data.


Security Assessment and Capacity Building

  • We assist organizations establish a state of readiness, improve their overall security posture, reduce the likelihood of a compromise, and prepare themselves to respond effectively to any cyber security incidents that may occur.
    • Security architecture and engineering
    • Security policy development
    • Security strategy workshops
    • Threat identification and vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration testing and network hardening
    • Compliance assessment and verification
    • Incident response planning and training


Email and Social Media Forensics

  • Tracking email and/or authenticating that messages are not tampered with or forged, recovering deleted messages from servers , laptops, desktops, etc.
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