IoT Devices

At Zealogics, we power a range of industrial machinery, commercial equipment, vending machines, domestic gadgets, and more with the Internet of Things (IoT), helping businesses either create an IoT ecosystem, or integrate IoT into existing systems.

IoT success depends on the use of the latest hardware and software and having robust security protocols. Zealogics delivers on these fronts with our embedded systems that connect seamlessly to its ecosystem, transmit and receive data flawlessly, and work optimally to meet the desired ends. Also we support from Product design, Product optimization to product realization and ensure that the product meet the desired standards.

At Zealogics, we understand that hardware design can make or break an IoT product. We develop solutions that ensure the IoT device works at its optimal best in its connected environment. Our solutions also ensure seamless integration and sync among the sensors, actuators, processors in the embedded system with the software, web APIs, and other external protocols. The web of communications enables the IoT device to work across multiple devices, platforms, and networks.

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