Renewables – Wind Turbines

There is an increasing focus on clean and renewable energy, which has put the spotlight on wind turbines. However, wind turbines come with their fair share of challenges. The sound produced by the turbine blades, for instance, cause noise pollution. There is also the ever-persistent threat of breakdowns and extended downtimes. The pressure to make turbine operations lucrative make efficiency improvements and constant monitoring essential.


At Zealogics, we apply advanced concepts to enhance power generation capacity and optimize the performance of turbines. Our solutions reduce downtime and deliver significant cost advantage to customers.

Our automation, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics solutions iron out performance issues and improve safety.

At Zealogics, we employ transparent engineering processes, mechanical design, end-to-end embedded systems that enhance the operational efficiency, safety, and performance of wind turbines.

Our digital solutions tweak processes and improve efficiency of wind turbines, while integrated asset management strategy increases productivity and optimizes OPEX.


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