Digitalization has made semiconductors commonplace in consumer electronics, automobiles, telecommunication, and a host of other industries. The spread of IoT has fueled the growth of semiconductors further. The surging demand places stress on semiconductor OEMs to accelerate time-to-market. Chip manufacturers face the constant pressure of making changes, to cope with a highly volatile business environment.


At Zealogics, we support semiconductor OEMs and chip manufacturers to produce high-quality products in the shortest possible time, with the lowest cost. We have the perfect mix of the required expertise—deep technical knowledge of the semiconductor industry with robust competence in electronics, Mechanical, software and digital technologies. Our track record makes us adept in identifying requirements and delivering it within the shortest time-to-market.


We apply our expertise in the fields of electronics and electromechanical engineering to offer integrated design support for the ever-complex needs of OEM manufacturers. Our design platforms help businesses integrate IoT technology into their ecosystem.


At Zealogics, we support concept to proto build continued with production issue resolution &  automation to build simulations, run RPA and power other business processes. Automation is critical to delivering the required precision and speed, for successful chip manufacturing.

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