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Embedded Product Engineering

Innovative Design & Development of Embedded Solutions that meets your business needs


Zealogic’s Embedded Systems Division (“ESD”) designs, develops and delivers Embedded Solutions and Services to customers in Telecom, Automotive,  Consumer Electronics sectors and so on. We provide innovative product design services including complete system design, hardware implementation, verification and testing.

Our expertise ranges across various processor families and hardware platforms, such as: Processor Families, GUI Development, RTOS and Mobile Hardware. We are currently providing development and Testing Services in LSP (Linux support Packages), BSP (Board Support Packages) and Qt Applications targeted at Embedded Products. The team’s experience helps in overcoming the complexities delivering next-gen embedded engineering solutions.

Embedded Applications on Linux

Linux OS features a significant standing within the embedded industry thanks to its open source, multi-variants, multiple vendors, and therefore the update and redistribution ability. We offer a comprehensive set of Linux driver development and other related Embedded Linux services like Embedded Linux BSP, Embedded Linux Drivers, to middleware and application development catering to technology product companies across the world.

  • Highly optimized embedded applications with resource constraint devices using C/C++ or Java
  • Protocol integration – Communication, Wireless, Security so on
  • Network device management using web based GUI, CLI, SNMP
  • QT based GUI applications
  • Boot optimization
  • Device driver development/integration
  • Yocto build system
  • BIST (Built In Self Test) / POST (Power On Self Test) development
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Memory/Processing/Scheduling optimization
  • Yocto build system
  • BIST (Built In Self Test) / POST (Power On Self Test) development
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Memory/Processing/Scheduling optimization

Embedded Applications on Android

Our key strengths are that we work not towards achieving functionality but rather achieving performance. Our embedded Android development team is trained to satisfy the strict needs of lowest power consumption including highest performance. Our ports have small footprints offering enhanced functionalities. Our extensive experience helps us to attain the best out of Android and Linux systems, run them reliably with highest possible performance on targets.

  • Bringing up Android on Custom hardware boards
  • Integrate new device drivers to the Linux kernel and integrate changes required to the android subsystem for peripherals

Embedded Applications on Micro controllers

We are a leading Manufacturer of embedded projects services, customized ic based system design programming, microcontroller board design services, and customized microcontroller oem programming.

  • Porting RTOS for target CPU
  • Device drivers for peripherals
  • Application development in C/C++

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