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Next Generation Automation
& Performance Testing

Zealogics offer end-to-end Automation & Performance testing services to accelerate customer business expansion by reducing business risks, achieving higher reliability and better returns on investment.


At Zealogics, we specialize in providing software testing and unbiased software quality assurance services to clients across the globe. With continuous innovation in quality assurance and testing, Zealogics has emerged as one of the most sought after QA leaders. Our expertise is supported by best practices delivered over a few years to customers globally. We have strong software testing competency in sectors that include Banking, Technology, Retail, Healthcare, Education and so on. We help businesses that build software, to create quality that would delight their customers.

QA Methodology

A good methodology offers a solid direction, improves quality and time, and increases productivity. QA Mentor works hard to plan clear processes for managing testing efforts of any kind. While our methods could also be tailored a touch for various size projects and life cycles, we still keep the essential structure an equivalent . Years of experience has helped us to make efficient and effective testing methodologies for Security Testing, Automation Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Static Testing, and Traceability Matrix creation. We help companies like yours achieve greater quality while keeping costs lower.

Better ROI

When you approach a quality assurance company for testing out a piece of software, you know that you have access to trained technical knowhow and experience. Our expertise is made supported best practices delivered over a few years to customers globally. There is an outlay for automated testing processes; however the return on investment (ROI) justifies this expenditure in many ways.


We provide high quality automated testing services for your applications. We have experience implementing automated testing solutions for a wide variety of technologies. Automated testing can help your company save time and money with a team of industry experts who hunt down and hire best-in-the-business software testing experts who love what they are doing . Leveraging their expertise, we develop a testing plan tailor-made for your business needs and outcomes.

Quality Engineering Tool & Technologies

We use both Open Source and commercial tools for testing based on the requirements for the type of software that is being built.

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