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Staff Augmentation

Scalable Talent Solutions


At Zealogics, we understand the challenges associated with recruiting for IT and Engineering positions. We’re here to ease the process with our IT and Engineering staffing services. Staffing to fill critical technology positions with top candidates may be a challenge even for skilled recruiters. Increasingly, companies are in competition with each other to seek out , attract and hire top candidates, draining a company’s internal resources. An agency with experience in staff augmentation can provide the necessary support, saving the business time, effort and money while providing access to a pool of available, pre-screened, qualified talent. Companies are competing for top candidates due to high demand for technical talent in the market, and they are struggling to balance budget with salary and benefits to attract top candidates. A staffing partner with deep knowledge of your target market can help improve your competitive advantage and find the right offer for the right candidate. We are also your source for the very best SAP professionals.

Talent On-Demand

Thanks to new challenges facing the IT and Engineering industry, talent is getting used only needed – within the exact number needed. Our virtual bench of technology talent will give your business the facility to scale with agility within a couple of hours in order that you’ll specialise in value addition and growth.

Cost Effective

We take complete ownership of the complete employment cycle, right from the initial screening to background checking process, which helps IT and Engineering companies to save lots of the expenses around them. Mid-sized companies often like better to partner with firms offering staffing solutions, as they end up to be highly reliable and cost-effective for hiring candidates.

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