24 Feb


Zeapoint helps your business tracking any information and process and any type of internal or external relationships. Zeapoint Business Apps and Solutions are developed on the robust Microsoft SharePoint Platform. SharePoint is the fastest growing server product in Microsofts history and is known today as the best and most complete collaboration and enterprise platform in the market.

Zeapoint is constantly developing new apps, solutions and add-ons that can be added or assembled rapidly like puzzle pieces anytime and as you wish! Start instantly with out-the-box applications or solutions, either in-the-cloud or on-premise, or quickly configure and customize yours in hours!

The Zeapoint Framework complements the robust and scalable Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform with coherent features driving business efficiency and improving the user experience.The navigation, ergonomics and the way data is displayed are drastically improved by the Zeapoint Framework to make Zeapoint apps and solutions very intuitive and user friendly. Zeapoint  analytics and reporting capabilities will give you unique operational and strategic indicators of performance to better pilot your most important business processes that can be easily automated with Zeapoint  workflow solutions.



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